This is “the outfit” you need for XMAS

Christmas is a very special holiday because we get the chance to visit our families and spend quality time together. I am one of those people who get the Christmas vibe since September – October, but for some others could be a struggle. Questions like: “What can I prepare for dinner?”, “What am I going to wear in this important dinner with my family?”. In this post I got your back with the latter. There are 7 styles that I, as a fashion stylist, normally use as a base for style advice.


You are more of a casual gal. For you, comfort is the most important quality. You wear basic and comfortable clothing, with simple cuts and in neutral colors, accessorized with very delicate pieces and you normally don’t use makeup. You are very friendly and optimistic.

NaturalSweater: Shein. Mom Jeans: H&M. Camel coat: Ralph Lauren. Lipstick: Bare Minerals. Chelsea boots: Asos. Backpack: Michael Kors


Traditional: You are classic, your style is timeless. You are a very organized person and can be perceived as serious sometimes, but you transmit a lot of confidence to those around you.

TraditionalDress: Dillard’s. Dress + Suit: Macy’s – Dillard’s. Woman Tuxedo: Venus Tuxedo. Lipstick: NYX. Bracelet: Tiffany & CO. Earrings: Swarovski. Clutch: Oroton. Stilettos: Christian Louboutin


You are a pastel lover, and very delicate. You love lace, tulle, bows, flowers and pearl embellishments in your clothing. Your style is very feminine and sweet, so it combines perfectly with your sweet personality, friendliness and sensibility. These are the outfit recommendations for you:

RomanticTulle dress: A’gaci. Lace dress: Shein. Flower crown: Debbie Carlisle. Bag: Michael Kors. Accessories: Trip Boulevard. Lipstick: Vivid Matte Liquid – Nude Flush Shade. High heels: Ralph and Russo


You are very sophisticated and detail oriented. You are very careful with your selfcare and you value quality over quantity. You project confidence and good taste with your carefully picked basic pieces. Your image communicates high status and success. These are the outfit recommendations for you:

ElegantWoman Suit: Dillard’s. Cape dress: Ready to Couture. Work dress: Dillard’s. Earrings: Tiffany. Lipstick: Chanel. Stilettos: Christian Louboutin



Two words: sex-appeal. You are one of those people that communicate sensuality. Your style is provocative and very confident. You are a very attractive person and you take good advantage of your attributes highlighting your body silhouettes with tight pieces. These are the outfit recommendations for you:

FlirtyLace Dress: Pretty Little Thing. Satin Dress: Pretty Little Thing. Sequin Dress: Fashion Nova. Accessories: Pretty Little Thing



You are a very original person who normally stands out in a big crowd. You dare to combine different styles, textures, and patterns in a way that reflects your open-mindedness. You look forward to express your talent and spontaneity through your self-image and style. These are the outfit recommendations for you:

CreativeMerlina Dress: Alien Mood. Chelsea Boots: ASOS. Ugly Sweater selection: Amazon. Knee- High Boots: Lulus. Faux Fur Coat: Fashion Nova. Hot Pink Pants: Express. Boho Maxi Dress: Shein. Stilettos: Steve Madden



You are the live definition of avant-garde. You are a trendsetter who communicates sophistication. Your presence is impactful and hardly forgotten. You are always one step ahead of the masses, you are modern and extravagant in a very fashion forward way. These are the outfit recommendations for you:

DramaticBlazer dress: Zara. “Army” outfit: Seth Aaron Henderson. Avant garde outfit: Rei Kawakubo. High heels: Vivienne Westwood. Stiletto boots: Vivienne Westwood



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